Skateboard Wall Rack


$ 44.99 
SKU: holds-1-board

The rack is very strong but also lightweight because it is made from ABC plastic.
Versatile design: This rack is easily stackable to hold 1pc or 3 pc of Skateboard, Longboard, Penny Board, Scooter, Snowboard, Water Skis, Waveboard, Hockey Stick. Long handled tools, Garden tools.
The additional steel pin attached each rack, the steel pin could also hold the helmets, gloves and kneepads etc.
The rack is designed with two separate rack sides that can be mounted at any distance apart to accommodate any length of sticks. 
This comes with well written and diagramed instruction to make sure you mount the rack properly. Rack can be easily painted or spray painted to match room decoration.
Great for the garage, closet, hallway, mud room, child’s room, or anywhere!
Great way to organize your home and garage.