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Brand: Hawk Sports

Color: White


  • Perfect Design: Gel Injected & Multi Layered V-Impact Foam Boxing Gloves Reduces the chance of injuring your fists. High Quality and Durable Sparring Gloves.
  • Wrist Protection: Extra-thick Supremo-Shock Foam based padding on knuckles of these leather boxing gloves with separate padded block over wrist-joint.
  • Anti-perspiration Holes: These punching bag gloves have a breathable Pinhole Palm that offers Increased Hygiene Efficiency Reduces Offensive Odors, Bacteria, Moisture through your hands.
  • All Purpose: These boxing gloves are Ideal for kickboxing, sparring, heavy bag workouts, and mitt work | Hook & Loop Velcro wrist strap for easy usage of boxing training gloves.
  • American Sizing: Hawk boxing gloves come in various sizes 8oz for kids boxing gloves. 10oz & 12oz ideal for training, bag and mitt work, whereas 14oz & 16oz is ideal for sparring. For further size guidance please look at the size chart in the pictures. Friendly on every type of skin and is available in Women boxing gloves sizes and with the wide range of Boxing Gloves for men.

Publisher: Hawk Sports


Made up of premium synthetic leather boxing gloves along with excellent glove construction provides long lasting durability and functionality.
Modern pro boxing gloves are designed to protect the fighter's hand during a fight, competitions, sparring, muay thai training
and these two pairs of boxing gloves men are perfect match as kickboxing gloves for women. Correct positioning of your fist and knuckle makes the gloves feel more comfortable and helps to prevent injury.
These boxing bag gloves have a large Velcro wrist strap that ensures plenty of wrist protection to minimize the risk of injury.


  • Breathability with added Pinholes.
  • Hi-Tech Performance boxing gloves for men.
  • Durability and functionality with a 1 Year Warranty!!
  • Multi-layered foam padding boxing gloves for women.
  • Attractive hawk printing.
  • Double stitched boxing training gloves.
  • Thumb lock feature for safety heavy bag gloves.
  • Premium synthetic leather.
  • Foam padding in the palm.
  • Hook & Loop with Velcro Closure.

  • ---------SIZE GUIDE---------


    ✓ 8 OZ : 101lbs or UNDER
    ✓ 10 OZ : 101lbs TO 120lbs
    ✓ 12 OZ : 121lbs TO 150lbs
    ✓ 14 OZ : 151lbs TO 180lbs
    ✓ 16 OZ : 181lbs or OVER

    For kids boxing gloves for kids (teenager youth boxing gloves ) and for small hands 8 oz and 10 oz ,
    Ideal size for Women boxing gloves 10 oz and 12 oz as kickboxing gloves,
    For muay thai boxing gloves women and sparring gloves 14 oz and 16oz boxing gloves are mostly used.
    Do not fully depend upon the size chart consult your coach or a professional to select perfectly matched size for yourself.

    MAXIMUM QUALITY at a MINIMUM PRICE: This a bargain, we bet that you would not be able to find a pair of pro training boxing gloves at this price in the market.

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    Package Dimensions: 15.8 x 7.1 x 5.0 inches

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    The Hawk Boxing Gloves - UFC, BOXING, & TRAINING is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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