Jake Paul hoodies, hats, shirts


  1. When will my item arrive?
    1. Our policy states that items arrive within 12-20 business days of your order.
    2. Business days include Monday-Friday and exclude holidays and/or days that the postal system is closed.
    3. We are currently securing faster shipping times for 2018, be sure to read your product’s description for details about shipping times (some ship faster than others).
  2. What should I do if I want an update on my order?
    1. If it has been over 20 days since you placed your order and it has not arrived, we will gladly assist you in tracking your order. Simply email our customer service team (merch@jakepaul.org) and we will track down your order.
    2. If it has been less than 20 days but you still want an update on your order, unfortunately you’ll have to wait if you want us to help you track it down. In other words, we get hundreds of orders on a regular basis and we cannot track every order immediately.  But if you haven’t received your order and it has been 20 business day, email us and we’ll help you track it.
    3. Please refer to your confirmation email for tracking info and try tracking it yourself first.
  3. Is my product coming from China?
    1. Our suppliers have warehouses around the world including the U.S., China, Europe, and Russia.  
    2. We cannot manufacture electronics, music instruments, or headphones in our facility so if you ordered any of those products chances are that they are coming from a 3rd party. 
  4. My hoodie arrived and the print was blurry. What’s up with that?
    1. Sometimes the printers make mistakes and sometimes the shippers let a low quality items slip through our inspection process. If you are not satisfied with how your item looks in term of quality, email us (merch@jakepaul.org) and we’ll work out a resolution.
  5. I emailed 2 times and no response.  What’s going on with my order???
    1. If your order has not arrived with our 12-20 business day policy window we will gladly assist you in tracking your order.
    2. If you placed your order less than 12 business days ago, please email again after 12-20 business days from your order.
  6. How do gift cards work?
    1. You place your order and we email you an electronic gift card with a code that you use at checkout.
  7. How do I return an item that doesn’t fit?
    1. Please refer to our return policy here.
  8. What’s up with your shipping times? Can’t you ship any faster?
    1. We are working on better shipping times but we are doing our best to keep prices down while also delivering products to you within a reasonable time frame. Compare our prices to our competitors and compare shipping fees (did you know we have FREE SHIPPING?) and make an informed decision. 
    2. If you complain to us about not getting your item fast enough all we can do is re-direct you to our shipping policy. You’ll get it within 12-20 business days or your money back.