About Jake Paul and His Line of Merchandise

Jake Paul Music™ is a "beachy" blend of music inspired by reggae & pop.  Jake Paul's products are designed to remind you that there is a sublime lifestyle waiting for you.  

Jake Paul went into business by starting an indie record label, Anamoly Records, LLC, which released 4 albums in 5 years.  The business evolved into a brand that extended its product line from producing music to producing merchandise and logo design as well.  

Jake Paul is an entertainer, an artist, a musician, a designer, and a producer. 

Q: What influenced the start of Jake Paul Music?  

A: "I'd call it Creative Expression; partially due to something that I was naturally born with and partially the result of trying to find ways of dealing with a traumatic childhood." 

Q: What age did you start Creatively Expressing?

A: "I was making up songs and painting pictures from about 1st grade on..."

Q:  How did you know that you were a musician and artist? When did you figure that out? 

A: "I never thought much about that, it's just something I do.  When I have free time, I create music, art, or videos. "

Q: What do you do when you when you are not creating music, art, or making videos?

A: "I'm a track and field coach, a teacher, a husband, and best of all - a father.  Being a dad is the coolest thing ever!" 

Q:  What are your long term goals for Jake Paul Music and Jake Paul Merch?

A:  "I'm working on a new album as we speak and I can't wait to release new music.  I have a lot of music stored up inside and I'm almost ready to let it out again.  My goal is to provide my fans with an alternative life style to what I'm used to seeing.  There are a lot of sad, hopeless, robotic-like people out there that feel like they are stuck in a life they do not want.  I am here to wake them up and remind them of what it means to be human."

Q: Why should anyone buy your merch?  What sets Jake Paul Merch apart from the rest?  

A: "Do you want to be another cookie-cutter-robo-human or do you want to be who you are?  Do you like the beach, the sun, indie music, a deeper life? If that doesn't answer your question you should not worry about if you should buy anything from Jake Paul Merch."

Q: Ok, now I'm interested.  How long does it take to get your stuff once I place my order?

A:  "I've ordered many test products and gifts for fans and friends - when I place an order I usually see it on my doorstep in about a week." 

Additional tidbits about Jake Paul and Jake Paul Music:

  • Part of Jake Paul's story is how he bounced back from his mother's murder.  He began creating art in the form of music, youtube videos, and paintings and credits that as being a fundamental part of his resilience
  • He performed at Summerfest 5 consecutive years in a row
  • He secured radio airplay around the world, including US, South America, and Japan
  • He played over 250 shows, including Hard Rock Cafe (Chicago), The Bitter End (NY), Summerfest (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Jake Paul Music is backed by his own indie record label, Anamoly Records, LLC 
  • Visit www.jakepaul.org to connect and/or for contact info
  • You can also connect on Facebook (jakepaulmusic) and Twitter (@jakepaulsmusic) and Instagram (jakepaulmusic)

Our Logos Can Be Printed On Almost Anything AND We Can Print Your Logo on Almost Anything! (email: logo@jakepaul.org)