Jake Paul to Inspire School Football with New Single, ‘Break Out Year’

Jake Paul to Inspire School Football with New Single, ‘Break Out Year’

Set on the backdrop of high school football, ‘Break Out Year’ is meant to inspire players to rise above challenges. The single is close to Jake’s heart, showing his love for the sport. 

Indie-based Jake Paul is a self-made singer and song writer, and for this particular track, he plays most of the instruments. Listeners will appreciate his energetic renditions, which reflect influences ranging from Twenty One Pilots to Sublime. Jake’s music is authentic and memorable as it rises above mainstream and disposable pop music.


“My song is about rising above challenges and my love of football.  I want this song to inspire young players to reach their goals regarding football,” says Jake. 

Picking up the guitar at 21, Jake has charted a highly successful music career, drawing from his hip-hop/Midwestern roots-rock style. In three years alone, he has released four albums, and performed with fresh musicians from Jamaica and Midwestern USA.  

‘The Jailbreak’ was followed by ‘The Providence’, an album using bright melodies, smart lyrics and flavors of reggae and hip-hop that create new meanings around resiliency, love, hate and moving on. Jake’s third album is ‘Urbanize It’, released in by his own label, Anamoly Records, in collaboration with accompanying Jamaican artist Kristin Urban.

Fans of Jake Paul’s music can also head towards his own merchandise store that offers a wide range of popular products.

Get your copy of Break Out Year here! 

For more information, please visit: www.jakepaul.org / www.jakepaul.biz

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