Jake Paul Music

Jake Paul Music

Hey music lovers! If you knew me, you'd know that I'm a self-made musician.  I produce music, mix & master music tracks, and I play guitar, bass, and I sing/rap.  A priest by the name of Father Tom originally showed me how to play the guitar, but I also remember making my own guitar out of plywood and fishing line back in elementary school for a project I had to do.  I actually played "Stand By Me" on that guitar!  

BTW, I've been making my own music since I was in 3rd grade.  

Anyhow, I'm starting this blog to share some insights about how I got started and where I got started. 

Since this is my first written blog in a while, I'll keep it short to see if anyone is actually interested in reading this.  In the meantime, here is my first insight or tip: if you really want to be a self-made musician you gotta have the heart of a lion.  That means that you might get teased, bullied, ridiculed, or whatever but you gotta keep going forward.  

I'm out for now, I have a big day ahead of me, but stay in touch! 


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