4 Ways to Deal with Break Ups

A break up before the holidays?  Here's what to do...

A break up before the holidays? Here's what to do...

4 Ways To Deal With Your Recent Break-Up

Relationships can be too much to handle when you have a hard time understanding the requirements of your partner while also trying to be true to yourself. Usually, the aftermath of a break-up is quite horrifying but still, there is always a silver lining to fall back on. The traumatic experience of a hard breakup could affect you in various ways but if you keep a focus, it can be handled positively.

In the era of pop culture artists like Jake Paul and millennials, a good relationship’s breakup often leads to sleeplessness, depression, less immunity, and various other problems. However, most of the teenagers move on easily but some linger over their past for a long time. Motivation is the key to help you move on. Optimism with a blend of high levels of motivation paves you to become a better individual. You can change your way of life or thinking and start afresh. These are a few techniques that can help you understand the after break-up scenario. Who knows, once this phase of break-up is over you might even laugh at yourself and this scenario at some point in life!

Here are few relationship tips on how to use optimism to deal with your situation and move on faster

  • Change your lifestyle- It might take some time but it can literally change your life. Do your normal things differently.  Take a different route to school.  Go the long way once in a while.  Switch up your routine.  This process leads you to control your feelings with patience for a longer endurance. It is not as easy as it may sound but indeed, it is the way to sort your life and find balance again.
  • Write off negativity about your ex- start with the intention to write your ex a letter explaining all the things you're upset about.  Act like you're actually going to deliver the letter.  Take your time and be honest.  Don't type it, write it on paper.  When you are finished, crumple it up and throw it away.  "I don't know how or why it makes you feel better but it works," says Jake Paul.  This exercise could be done once a day until it makes you feel better or overcome your break-up emotions.
  • Accept that your ex is gone for good- This is one of the most optimistic and forward-looking thoughts wherein if you are able to do this, then overall you will become a better person. Relationships teach us so many things that drive us to become a better person once this after break-up scenario is over. After your break-up, if you truly love your ex from the heart then accept that the person you loved truly is no more in your life. Accepting truth could be a great way to deal with it head-on.
  • Distract yourself- After a harsh break-up, you should distract yourself from the things related to your ex in the maximum ways you can. This strategy could help you find yourself as well. Learn and explore about yourself. You can visit your friends, not related to your ex, or visit your favorite restaurant. All this can reduce the craving for the love you want, at least for the moment. This process can also help you overcome the recurring thought after your break up.  You never know, it could also lead you to your real soul mate.  

No one can say that there is an easy way to deal with a break up, especially around the holidays when loneliness is common.  But there is a way to handle it so that you don't repeat the same mistake next time around.  "You gotta learn from it and remember that deep down this just wasn't meant to be...at least not right now.  You gotta move on instead."

Written by Ariel Writer
B.A. - Bachelor Of Journalism And Mass Communication - London University, United Kingdom


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